Short n sweet...with Marissa and Bear

I was greeted enthusiastically at this families front door by a very happy Bear. This gorgeous Rottweiler stands guard at the front window of their house, keeping a keen eye on the comings and goings of everything that happens on their street. Nothing goes by without him noticing - a few barks and a wag of his tail lets everyone know there is something going down.

For all his size and guarding bluster, Bear is a big ol’ softy. This lovely dog is so well behaved and just the perfect family pet. He adores three year old Marissa. These two buddies move en masse throughout their day. They cuddle up on the couch for tv watching, snuggle on Bear’s bed when they need down time and wander around the backyard happily together. When Marissa organised a tea party in her bedroom, Bear was right by her side and part of the party.

Sweet Marissa went into super host over drive when I arrived. This beautiful little soul was that keen to show me all the amazing things in her home - the nursery for her new baby brother or sister, the Christmas presents for her cousins, her lovely bedroom, Bear’s bed. Marissa was chatting nineteen to the dozen - she was so enthusiastic and keen to share her world with me. I feel it is such a privilege to be able to share time with our little people during this wonder filled phase.

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How to choose the best location for your outdoor photography session

Central Coast Family Photographer

Families who are keen to get out and about for their photography session often ask me “where should we go?”. The options are limitless, so in the interest of making things a little easier, here’s a few points I think about when deciding on a location…





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Think about your normal week or month with your family and the places you visit on regular basis. Are you beach bums like me, with salty hair and sandy toes? Do you have a favourite bushwalk you love coming back to? Maybe you spend every spare minute with your minis at the skatepark? Do you have a favourite café where they know your kids favourite milkshakes? When everyone is feeling relaxed in familiar surroundings, you’ll find your session is so much easier. You want your photographs and albums to be a reflection of who you are in this moment. When you look back on these images in years to come the memories associated with your special location will make the photographs seem that much sweeter.

documentary family photography central coast nsw


What are you hoping your family will do at this location? If your intention is for natural photographs in the bushland surrounding at the park, but your little ones spot the playground equipment and just want to play on that instead… let’s just say it may be that your intentions and the kids intentions are a little different. Awkward. In the interests of making life easy for you, if you’re looking for a nature based session, I generally avoid locations with a playground. There’s only so many photos of the kids going down the fireman’s pole that you need hanging on your wall.

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Crowded places, like city streets or busy parks are some of the more difficult places for a family photography session. In these situations you spend a lot of time waiting for people to move out of the frame and will often have an audience watching your session, which can make you feel self-conscious and make it difficult to relax.  Fortunately for us on the Central Coast, finding a quiet location is not too hard to find. Even at our busy parks and beaches, you often only need to talk a few hundred metres and you’ll have the place to yourselves. Perfect.

family photography avoca beach nsw


Your family photography session will last for at least an hour, so we want to keep your kiddos happy and busy during that time. For this, variety is the spice of life. When choosing a location you want a place that has room to move, play and explore. Many of my families choose to start their sessions at their local lake and then walk around to the beach. This gives the kids a couple of different locations to play and explore and adds variety to your finished images. Bushwalks also allow for movement and exploration, with a variety of scene changes. Rock platforms at the beach are another great option that encourage movement and provide different backdrops for your photographs. Remember though – if your session is near water, your kids will invariably end up wet. I’m up for that – so long as you are too!!

family photos gosford

So that’s my go-to guide for choosing a location for your family photography session on the Central Coast.


If you would like to book your own family photography session, please get in touch.

School holiday activities for kids on the Central Coast

Central Coast Documentary Family Photographer

I know this wet weather has been getting people down, especially those with small people at home, slowly driving their parents up the wall. We’ve been away camping this past week and noticed that the weather never impacted the activities our kids wanted to do. They wanted to go surfing in the rain? Sure let’s do it. Bike riding through muddy puddles? Sounds like messy fun. Kids are resilient, they’re happy to get outside and be active, regardless of the weather. With that in mind, here’s some outdoor activities that my kids love to do, rain, hail or shine.

Winnie Bay Bushwalk

Winnie Bay Copacabana Avoca

My kids love a wander down the stairs from Copa to Winnie Bay. Mal the bird man was stoked to spot a Regent Bowerbird during one of our walks. Josie prefers exploring the rockplatforms and discovering shells.

rock hopping Winnie Bay

Surfing at Umina

surfing umina beach

Umina is the perfect learn to surf spot on the Central Coast. Long, gentle waves are just right for beginners. The shallow break means that little ones that aren’t that confident can safely wade out to be part of the fun.

kids holiday activities central coast

Little Beach

bushwalk to little beach central coast nsw

The kids love this bushwalk. The track is only a 10 min stroll through rainforest. If the tide is right they’ll have a swim in the rockpools once we get there. Otherwise the love just walking around the rock platforms.

Swimming at Little Beach Bouddi National Park

Saratoga Waterfront

Saratoga NSW

Tree climbing, walking along the rock wall and looking for jellyfish in the shallows, my two love a wander along the Saratoga waterfront.

Tree climbing Saratoga Waterfront

So that’s a few of our favorite things to do during the school holidays. Rug up, grab your rain coat and gum boots and get amongst it. Being outdoors is good for small people (and grown ups too!).

Father's Day 2018

Central Coast Family Photographer 

To celebrate Father's Day this year I thought I'd look back over my sessions from the past 12 months to pick out my favourite daddy photos. 

Here they are in no particular order....


Brendon and Hunter

newborn photography central coast nsw father and son

Brendon holding newborn baby Hunter has become one of my iconic images for the year. Seeing daddy's big, strong hands tenderly holding his newborn son - be still my beating ovaries. To check out the rest of this newborn session just click here


Dave and Charlie Rose

newborn baby girl cradled in daddy's arms

Did I mention I'm a sucker for a baby cradled in her daddy's arms? Charlie Rose had her first unsettled night before our photo session so when I arrived daddy Dave was still helping everyone get ready. He made his beautiful wife brekky, helped with burbing and changing Charlie Rose and just generally went about keeping things calm and peaceful. Here's to the dad's that keep things running smoothly while mum is stuck in the seemingly never ending cycle of feeding a hungry hungry baby. To see more of Dave and Charlie Rose click here.


Darren and Elsie

daddy holding toddler family photography kincumber

Darren is one busy daddy. This seemingly quiet and peaceful image is hiding the chaos and joy of his three other wild ones running amok at Kincumba Mountain. I absolutely love photographing the madness of big families, but my favourite thing to do is find those moments of calm and stillness in mayhem. To see more of Darren and his beautiful family click here


Mat and Jack

relaxed family photos central coast nsw

This one is such a sentimental favourite. Dad Mat is in the background, holding his son Jack and laughing with his Nanny Nola. Sweet Nanny Nola passed away just five days later. Here's to the dad's that hold their family close and appreciate every special moment together. To see more of their session click here.


Lee and Leni

little girl cuddling with daddy copacabana nsw

Leni took a moment out of the chaos of her 3rd birthday to come and snuggle quietly with her daddy. Again, in the mayhem of a preschooler's birthday party, it's the moment of quiet connection that I gravitate to.


Kain and Abbie

natural family photos central coast nsw

Gorgeous Abbie, full of sass, is just her daddy's girl. I know she's doing it tough at the moment with her daddy away with the army. Here's to the dads that don't get to be with their kids every day, but when they are together, they hold them close and let them know they are loved no matter where they are in the world.


Sean and Oscar

newborn baby photography long jetty nsw

Sean gazing adoringly at newborn baby Oscar is another of my favourites for the year. Sean was happy sitting around and snuggling with his newest child, but when baby Oscar's big sister Eli came looking for attention, Sean was just as keen to jump and play on the scooter with her or push her on the swing. I love seeing dads who embrace all the phases of childhood with their kids. To see more of Sean and Oscar's newborn baby session click here.

father and daughter ettalong nsw

This little munchkin skipped her nap at preschool and was not a happy camper at the beginning of our session. Luckily, cuddles with daddy helped to brighten her up again. Here's to the dads that can bring a smile to the face of their child. To see more of their session, click here


Andrew and Sienna

Newborn baby photos Bensville NSW

Little Sienna all chubby and squishy, held safely in daddy Andrew's big strong hands. Andrew had preempted that I'd want to get some nuddie shots of his baby girl so he had the heater cranked up on this cold winter's day. Here's to the dads that know what their kids need. TO see more of their session, click here.


Josh and Sonny

central coast family photography katy allen photography-5709.jpg

Dad Josh was happy to hang with baby Sonny during our session. He just went gently along behind mum Ashley as their toddler Finn led the way on an adventure round the lake. Here's to the dad's that let their kids take the lead. To see more of their session click here.


Rhys and Sienna

newborn baby photographer woy woy nsw

Rhys was so calm during our session together. He was relaxed hanging with his newborn baby girl Sienna, but his was also very conscious of the fact that his eldest son Frankie was desperate to get outside to kick the soccer ball with him. Here's to the dad's that are able to help their children develop patience (without losing their own!). To see more of their session, click here. 


Brad, Chase and Tyler

cowboy birthday party kincumber nsw

Brad and his family came back to the Central Coast to celebrate his son's 9th birthday party. They are currently travelling around Australia seeing all that our amazing country has to offer. Here's to the dad's that are brave enough to chase their dreams, showing their children that they can do the same. 


Andrew and Parker

underwater photography beach central coast nsw

Daddy Andrew was just so easy going during our session. He was happy to jump in the water with kids so Parker could go body boarding and Nina could have a swim. Here's to the dads that enjoy play just as much as their kids do. To see more of their session click here. 


Dave and family

teenage photography central coast nsw

Dad Dave, pictured in the centre, is facing major changes in his life. His children are leaving home and our session was a last get together before everyone went in their own directions. This one is for the dads that can take comfort knowing that they have put in the ground work to help their children develop into confident, respectful adults. To see more of their session click here.  


Chris, Tyler and Kaden

central coast family photographer wamberal nsw

These little guys were two bundles of energy during our family photography session at Wamberal. Daddy Chris was more than happy to help them burn energy. He chased them up and down sand dunes. He acted as a speed hump for the boys to jump over as they ran down the sand dunes again. He laughed when the boys had an impromptu swim and kept his calm when a certain photographer suggested the boys use daddy't t-shirt as a towel and then they proceeded to get in the shirt together, ruining the t-shirt. (ah...sorry Chris!!!). Here's to the dad's that know that boys will be boys. To see more of their session click here. 


Bryce and Keelan

newborn photography central coast Katy Allen Photography-2196.jpg

This is the newest daddy I've photographed this year. Bryce is obviously loving his new role as a dad, keen to help his Lauren with burping, changing and burrito rapping newborn baby Keelan. Here's to the dad's that whole heartedly embrace this new role is their life.


Paul and Malachi

father and son fishing avoca beach

My favourite dad photo of the year is this one. A little biased? Yeah, maybe. But seeing Paul take Mal out to do what he loves most just makes my heart happy. Here's to the dad's that spend their fishing session baiting hooks and untangling lines, just to see the smile on their little ones faces when they finally land a whopper. 

Happy Father's Day to all these awesome dad's. We are grateful for everything you do for our families.

Short n sweet with... the Brennan family

Central Coast Maternity Photographer

I'm a little excited to share this maternity session as this is my little sister Lexi and her beautiful family. I'd caught up with Lexi a few days earlier and thought she looked very round and very low - it didn't look like bubs would stay in to full term. We were very fortunate to squeeze this maternity session in because a few short days later Kalan made his big appearance at just 36 weeks! So here's an extended family maternity photo session - complete with proud grandmother Nanoo and cousins too. We had a happy and hectic afternoon at home and at the waterfront. 

central coast maternity photographer daughter hiding behind mums legs
central coast family photographer cousins playing at ettalong
central coast maternity photographer family at ettalong
central coast family photographer little girl running through the water
central coast family photographer walking at ettalong

Short n sweet with... Ruby and Will

Central Coast Family Photographer

How's this for a great idea for the grandparents birthday present?! Gorgeous, natural photos of the grandchildren they adore. Ruby and Will's session came about because their grandmothers birthday was coming up and their family thought a beautiful print of the grandkids would make a great gift. I love this idea!

Ruby and Will had so much energy - these two were constantly on the move, running, jumping, climbing, handstands, races, there really wasn't much downtime for these guys. And that's how I love it. Kids need to be able to move and be themselves. They brought their puppy dogs with them too and we had a gorgeous afternoon together at the lake.

little boy running through sand dunes MacMasters Beach
Ruby staring out to see MacMasters Beach
Brother and sister laughing at the beach
Little boy laughing at sunset at the beach
Puppy dog standing guard over his children at the beach
Making a splash at the lake
Ruby playing in the sand at MacMasters Beach NSW
Brother and sister hugging at Copacabana Beach NSW
Piggybacks at the beach

Short n sweet with... baby Oscar, Eli, Leah and Sean

Central Coast Newborn Photographer

There is something so lovely about the early days of a newborn coming home. Everyone is so sleep deprived, a little bit dazed, a little bit shocked, yet the overwhelming feeling in the home is one of awe. Awe that a new life has been created. Awe that this precious new life is now a member of the family. And awe that you can love one little being so much, instantly. Big sister Eliana was a star on the day of our session, joyful and unaffected as only a not-quite-two-year-old can be. Eli held court throughout our time together with mum and dad lovingly joining her in each activity as she went. Sweet little Oscar slept almost the whole time and was oblivious to the kisses and cuddles that rained down on him.  

Mummy showering kisses on her son 
Daddy adoring his son
Mummy and Papa gazing at their son
Big sister gives her baby brother a kiss
Newborn baby safe in mummys arms

Mother HUB retreat

Central Coast Personal Branding Photographer

Mother HUB (also known as Beckie Crumpler) recently held her first mothers retreat at Kincumba Mountain. The day was an opportunity for mums to come together to share their experiences, to connect with other mums and an opportunity to revitalise themselves in a supportive environment. Breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, disposable nappies, modern cloth nappies, co-sleeping, sleep training... all styles of mothering and parenting were welcome and encouraged. Beckie encouraged the mums to reflect on their time as mothers and to envision how they wanted their journey through motherhood to develop. Rachael from Copa Yoga led the mums and their bubs through a yoga session, while Katie from Harmonic Hypnobirthing guided the group through a meditation. I was fortunate to be part of the day taking promotional photographs and left feeling inspired to be part of such an empowering network of women.  


A little bit longer... with the Mallyon family

Central Coast Family Photographer

I was greeted at the door with a big smile and a huge hug from the lovely Lisy. She’d obviously gone to some trouble to be ready for my arrival, wet hair and fresh clothes, hinted that she’d been up early to be presentable.

Little boy watching TV

Her boys were chilling in front of TV when I walked in, with only a little complaint when the TV was turned off. They quickly went and entertained themselves. Kaden elaborately told me about his lego collection and his new lego reward daddy was buying him later that day.

Little boy playing with Lego

Lis continued cleaning and organising benches as I followed the boys around. I let her know it wasn’t necessary for me. She kindly told me the cleaning was for her, that’d she feel better if the house was clean. I totally get this as I often go into a cleaning frenzy before visitors arrive. When Lis went through her online gallery of images, she told me she was disappointed that the kitchen bench was a mess. I think as mums we are so hard on ourselves about living up to our own expectations. I believe we need to give ourselves permission to accept our imperfections and embrace the chaos of this time in our lives. Because in 20 years time our kitchens will be clean, but our homes will be empty. When I look at this photograph, I see a father and son working together. I'm not worried about how tidy the bench is.

Father and son washing the dishes at the kitchen sink

I knew Tyler is a bright child, but during this session I discovered he is exceptionally gifted. He studiously read through his solar system book and copied down details about the sun and planets on his white board. He was happiest when questioning my own knowledge of this topic and gleefully filled me in on the many things I didn’t know.

Little boy drawing pictures of the sun

A little guy with big ideas and big emotions, he still reached out to mum for some downtime, reading together.

Mummy and son cuddled up reading

Kaden was ALL ABOUT DAD. He followed dad around the house and was constantly finding ways to engage him, building lego and drawing superheroes.

Little boy telling dad a story
Father and son drawing superheroes together

For a mum surrounded by boys, Lis has embraced the rough and tumble of everyday life. They introduced me to a game of ‘crack the egg’ which elicited giggles followed by some wrestling on the trampoline. I had a beautiful morning hanging out with this cruisy family.  

Playing crack the egg on the trampoline
Mummy playing rumbles with son on trampoline
Little boy laughing on trampoline

A little bit longer.... with Jules and Nato

Central Coast Family Photographer

There is something special about driving over The Entrance channel at dawn. The world is still and quiet. The silence speaks of the potential for great things to come. Approaching Jules and Nato’s place I was reminded again of how lucky I am to live in this awesome part of the world.

Little girl watching TV in her pajamas

As I walked into their home I saw Andie engrossed in front of TV, Dora the Explorer entertaining another Saturday morning early riser. Jules and Nato sat quietly with her, chatting about their usual routine, anticipating Quinnie waking soon and sharing her morning cuteness with us all.

Mummy carrying daughter in hallway

It was beautiful to watch as the family greeted Quinnie with joy, each of them taking time to give her a kiss or a cuddle and share a few words with her. What an amazing way to start your day, showered with love from those that mean the most to you.

Mummy cuddling daughter with teddy bear

Nato was in charge of breakfast duties and he did not disappoint. Jules’ homemade granola was served first, followed by Nato's Saturday morning special of googy eggs and soldiers.  This image of the Mr Men egg holder is one of my favourites from the session, simply because it is a treasure a friend brought home during their travels overseas. I love that this image will be a memory trigger for the kids in years to come.

Little girl eating boiled egg in Mr Men holder

A quiet game of UNO came next.

Fairy wings on little girl
Playing UNO in pajamas

A colourful beach ball brought a few giggles during the walk to check the surf.

Walking to the beach with colourful beachball
Dad checking the surf
Mummy and daughter laughing at the beach

These guys were so cool and calm throughout their morning. It was a lovely way to start the weekend.