RSPCA Million Paws Walk Gosford

Central Coast Dog Photographer

I was in doggy person heaven on Sunday at the RSPCA Millions Paws Walk in Gosford. There were so many beautiful dogs, big and small, there to raise money and awareness for the RSPCA. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the team from the RSPCA Tuggerah Care Centre who were delighted each time one their adopted dogs dropped by to greet them. Their passion for the dogs and their genuine interest in their new homes was just priceless. The RSPCA Tuggerah Care Centre are holding a trivia night on Saturday 1st June at Mingara. Tickets are only $20 with all proceeds going to the RSPCA. If you’re free I highly recommend going along for a great cause.

It was a festive atmosphere on Sunday morning with lots of stall holders sharing their doggy goods. Hairy hounds bakery had some adorable doggy biscuits on offer. The Animal Referral Hospital were giving the woofers bandannas with calming essential oils to help them feel relaxed in the crowd. Other stall holders included Canine Holisitc Wellness Centre, Castle Minding, Star FM, Healthy Pets 1st, Green Cross Vets, Petite Paws Doggy Daycare, as well the Rotary Club of Gosford manning the BBQ.

The dogs obviously enjoyed their walk with lots coming back wet from a swim in the waterfront. Luckily the girls from Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash were on hand to give the pooches a little luxury after their big day out.

After the walk there were games and competitions for the dogs to be in, including best dressed (I liked the sausage dog dressed with his tweed cap) and best trick (the mini poodle who could dance was very clever!).

I got a lot of puppy love on the day - heaps of licks, with a few woofers jumping up for cuddles and a couple sitting on my feet for good luck. I’ve got to say though, while I loved the big boofy woofers, I think my favourite hounds on the day were the quiet old dogs who were getting carried around or pushed in prams. I think it’s so special that our loyal old companions still get to be part of these days out and about.

Here’s a few happy snaps of the hounds ...

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Pet Photography Central Coast

Central Coast Pet Photographer

As someone whose four legged friend sleeps on the bed and takes ownership of the couch, I’m a big fan of including pets in family photography sessions. I firmly believe ALL members of your family should be included in your session - and that includes your dog, cat, goat, chicken or any other pet that makes your family complete. My pooch features prominently in our family photo album, as time spent snuggling with Jiffy is a great chance to capture photos of my kids sitting quietly. There’s also plenty of snapshots of the kids rumbling with her, chasing her in the backyard and generally being nutters. One of my favourite photos of all time is an image of my daughter and our dog walking through the sand dunes - a timeless photograph of them doing their favourite thing together. As a doggy person I understand that including your loyal companion in a session comes with it’s own risks - I’ve had my camera slobbered on, spent time chasing wayward dogs through the bush during a photo shoot and spend a lot of time being sniffed and jumped on during sessions. It’s all fine - so long as Fido doesn’t want to bite my head off - I can deal with a bit of over exuberant puppy love.

If you’d like to include your furry friends in your next family photography session just get in contact with me here.

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Short n sweet...with Marissa and Bear

I was greeted enthusiastically at this families front door by a very happy Bear. This gorgeous Rottweiler stands guard at the front window of their house, keeping a keen eye on the comings and goings of everything that happens on their street. Nothing goes by without him noticing - a few barks and a wag of his tail lets everyone know there is something going down.

For all his size and guarding bluster, Bear is a big ol’ softy. This lovely dog is so well behaved and just the perfect family pet. He adores three year old Marissa. These two buddies move en masse throughout their day. They cuddle up on the couch for tv watching, snuggle on Bear’s bed when they need down time and wander around the backyard happily together. When Marissa organised a tea party in her bedroom, Bear was right by her side and part of the party.

Sweet Marissa went into super host over drive when I arrived. This beautiful little soul was that keen to show me all the amazing things in her home - the nursery for her new baby brother or sister, the Christmas presents for her cousins, her lovely bedroom, Bear’s bed. Marissa was chatting nineteen to the dozen - she was so enthusiastic and keen to share her world with me. I feel it is such a privilege to be able to share time with our little people during this wonder filled phase.

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Short n sweet with... Harrison and Baxter

Pet photography Central Coast

I was greeted at the door by this big, boofy, uber happy dog by the name of Baxter. Baxter is a six month old English Spaniel Springer and is still such a baby. He just loved to be loved. Harrison, the little man of the house, was soon there, keen to show me around his home and introduce me to all his treasures. Of course his favourite thing to do was play in the backyard with his best mate Baxter. Baxter is a little like my hound, loves to play fetch, but he does not like to return to stick to you. This resulted in Harrison spending a lot of time chasing Baxter around the yard, trying to get the toy back. Both of them adored this game.

Harrison showed me all his favourite toys and a very impressive lego collection, with some of the star designs made by his very own mum and dad. Every time Harrison showed me a different room in his home, his shadow Baxter was there beside him. Harrison and Baxter had a very brief snuggle on the bed, before it was time to race outside again and play under the sprinkler. Baxter absolutely LOVED playing under the hose. This funny dog ran, jumped and splashed non stop. Harrison laughed the whole time. These two were a blast to hang out with on a warm spring afternoon.

It was so beautiful to watch the special bond between this little boy and his dog. In Baxter, Harrison has a playmate, a best friend – total and utter unconditional love.

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Dog Photography - Central Coast Animal Care Facility

Pet Photography Central Coast

When the call out came for help at the Central Coast Animal Care Facility, I couldn’t resist the chance to go and be part of things. The team at Gosford Pound are trying to raise money to help rescue and rehome abandoned animals and are creating a calendar as a fundraising event, so I donated my photography services to help out this worthy cause.

My kids have been intrigued by Gosford Pound for a long time - why is it there? Where do the dog comes from? What happens to them inside? Where do they go? They were so insistent in seeing how it all works we ended up having a drop by one afternoon a few months ago. The kids were a little taken back by the cages and a little bewildered by just how many dogs were there. My kids have got big hearts, they immediately wanted to take every dog home with us. Our dog was a little stray pup found on the street and my kids recognise how lucky she was to find us and have a loving home.

During my visit last week to photograph the dogs I was so impressed by the amount of carers that volunteered their time to help these dogs out. There were at least 7 volunteers walking dogs, playing with them, or just giving each dog love and affection. And the dogs just lapped it up.

Here’s hoping this helps a little bit to make life easier for our four legged friends.

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