Short n sweet with... Ruby and Will

Central Coast Family Photographer

How's this for a great idea for the grandparents birthday present?! Gorgeous, natural photos of the grandchildren they adore. Ruby and Will's session came about because their grandmothers birthday was coming up and their family thought a beautiful print of the grandkids would make a great gift. I love this idea!

Ruby and Will had so much energy - these two were constantly on the move, running, jumping, climbing, handstands, races, there really wasn't much downtime for these guys. And that's how I love it. Kids need to be able to move and be themselves. They brought their puppy dogs with them too and we had a gorgeous afternoon together at the lake.

little boy running through sand dunes MacMasters Beach
Ruby staring out to see MacMasters Beach
Brother and sister laughing at the beach
Little boy laughing at sunset at the beach
Puppy dog standing guard over his children at the beach
Making a splash at the lake
Ruby playing in the sand at MacMasters Beach NSW
Brother and sister hugging at Copacabana Beach NSW
Piggybacks at the beach