A little bit longer.... with Jules and Nato

Central Coast Family Photographer

There is something special about driving over The Entrance channel at dawn. The world is still and quiet. The silence speaks of the potential for great things to come. Approaching Jules and Nato’s place I was reminded again of how lucky I am to live in this awesome part of the world.

Little girl watching TV in her pajamas

As I walked into their home I saw Andie engrossed in front of TV, Dora the Explorer entertaining another Saturday morning early riser. Jules and Nato sat quietly with her, chatting about their usual routine, anticipating Quinnie waking soon and sharing her morning cuteness with us all.

Mummy carrying daughter in hallway

It was beautiful to watch as the family greeted Quinnie with joy, each of them taking time to give her a kiss or a cuddle and share a few words with her. What an amazing way to start your day, showered with love from those that mean the most to you.

Mummy cuddling daughter with teddy bear

Nato was in charge of breakfast duties and he did not disappoint. Jules’ homemade granola was served first, followed by Nato's Saturday morning special of googy eggs and soldiers.  This image of the Mr Men egg holder is one of my favourites from the session, simply because it is a treasure a friend brought home during their travels overseas. I love that this image will be a memory trigger for the kids in years to come.

Little girl eating boiled egg in Mr Men holder

A quiet game of UNO came next.

Fairy wings on little girl
Playing UNO in pajamas

A colourful beach ball brought a few giggles during the walk to check the surf.

Walking to the beach with colourful beachball
Dad checking the surf
Mummy and daughter laughing at the beach

These guys were so cool and calm throughout their morning. It was a lovely way to start the weekend.