Mother HUB retreat

Central Coast Personal Branding Photographer

Mother HUB (also known as Beckie Crumpler) recently held her first mothers retreat at Kincumba Mountain. The day was an opportunity for mums to come together to share their experiences, to connect with other mums and an opportunity to revitalise themselves in a supportive environment. Breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, disposable nappies, modern cloth nappies, co-sleeping, sleep training... all styles of mothering and parenting were welcome and encouraged. Beckie encouraged the mums to reflect on their time as mothers and to envision how they wanted their journey through motherhood to develop. Rachael from Copa Yoga led the mums and their bubs through a yoga session, while Katie from Harmonic Hypnobirthing guided the group through a meditation. I was fortunate to be part of the day taking promotional photographs and left feeling inspired to be part of such an empowering network of women.