Short n sweet with... baby Oscar, Eli, Leah and Sean

Central Coast Newborn Photographer

There is something so lovely about the early days of a newborn coming home. Everyone is so sleep deprived, a little bit dazed, a little bit shocked, yet the overwhelming feeling in the home is one of awe. Awe that a new life has been created. Awe that this precious new life is now a member of the family. And awe that you can love one little being so much, instantly. Big sister Eliana was a star on the day of our session, joyful and unaffected as only a not-quite-two-year-old can be. Eli held court throughout our time together with mum and dad lovingly joining her in each activity as she went. Sweet little Oscar slept almost the whole time and was oblivious to the kisses and cuddles that rained down on him.  

Mummy showering kisses on her son 
Daddy adoring his son
Mummy and Papa gazing at their son
Big sister gives her baby brother a kiss
Newborn baby safe in mummys arms