short n sweet... with Nelli, Asti and Jelli

Central Coast Family Photographer

This is the third year I have photographed this gorgeous family - from the time Asti was just a bub taking his first steps and Jelli was a big ol’ bump in her mummies tummy - through to now, with these two sweet siblings running wild through the forest and down to the beach. It’s pretty special that we get the chance to do these sessions - these guys now live five hours away, but they always make time each year to catch up for a family photography session with me when they are visiting the Central Coast.

Sunset photography sessions are fraught with danger when you’ve got toddlers and preschoolers, it’s universally accept that this is the meltdown hour, and both the kids had fallen asleep on the car ride over. Lucky for me, they got into the spirit of adventure quickly enough and the promise of ducks to see and dogs to pat was enough to lift them out of their afternoon grumpiness. The chance to watch the birds, throw a few rocks in the water and then get wet themselves made for a great afternoon out. Mum Nelli is an old hand at these sessions, she’d packed towels and snacks so that when they had had enough of the water and were cold and hungry, she was ready to refuel their tired little bodies.

The sunset was sublime, making for more beautifully memories to add to their yearly family album.

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Short n sweet... with the Francis family

A gift voucher for a newborn baby photography session is one of the most popular reasons people buy gift certificates from me. For the family that already has everything they need, a photography session is the perfect present.

These guys chose to wait, rather than a newborn photography session, they waited until their gorgeous baby girl was 10 months old before they had their session together. Ohh and she was so very lovely. 10 months is a gorgeous age. Little Lexi was so bright and alert. She totally stole my heart with her toothy grin and her constant baby chatter. Plus those blue eyes. Stop it. She was like a doll. Just beautiful. She took delight in everything around her. She was constantly watching her big brother as he tore around the place. She giggled at leaves as they brushed by her. Everything was awesome to little Lexi.

For big brother Luka, everything was an adventure. He explored through the bush. He chased ducks. He found all sorts of interesting looking object along the waters edge. But the thing he loved most of all, was throwing rocks in the water. Big, rocks, little rocks, anything that made a splash.

Brant and Melissa were so chilled out with their little tribe. They happily let the kids lead the way through our session. By engaging their little ones and their natural curiosity to explore, it meant this sweet family had a relaxed, happy afternoon out at the lake, with me along with them to document this moment in their life.

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Short n sweet... with Sal, Lachie and Eddie

Central Coast Documentary Family Photography

This mumma bear is one incredibly strong and humble woman. Sal and her boys had a busy afternoon by the lake and I was there to catch all the fun. Nothing was too much for Sal. When the boys wanted her to join them climbing trees Sal was right there with them in highest branches, gorgeous dress and all. A tumble out of the trees didn't keep Lachie down for long. A cuddle with mum and he was off again ready for the next adventure. Sal let the boys run wild and free which made for gorgeous pictures and happy children. 

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Short n sweet... with the Robertson family

Central Coast Documentary Family Photographer

Two and a half is a seriously awesome age. There's all these amazing thoughts and ideas constantly presenting themselves to you - and you finally have the vocabulary to share all these brilliant insights with others. Finn is one intelligent and outgoing toddler. This little guy talked about everything and anything. He had us in stitches with his running commentary of the world around him. Interestingly his mum Ashley said that this is new for him, only four weeks ago he was a shy, reserved little guy around new people. I feel so lucky to have met this new version of Finn. He took delight in everything he saw and did during our session at the lake. His little brother Sonny just cruised along for the session, nothing phasing him. 

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