short n sweet... with Nelli, Asti and Jelli

Central Coast Family Photographer

This is the third year I have photographed this gorgeous family - from the time Asti was just a bub taking his first steps and Jelli was a big ol’ bump in her mummies tummy - through to now, with these two sweet siblings running wild through the forest and down to the beach. It’s pretty special that we get the chance to do these sessions - these guys now live five hours away, but they always make time each year to catch up for a family photography session with me when they are visiting the Central Coast.

Sunset photography sessions are fraught with danger when you’ve got toddlers and preschoolers, it’s universally accept that this is the meltdown hour, and both the kids had fallen asleep on the car ride over. Lucky for me, they got into the spirit of adventure quickly enough and the promise of ducks to see and dogs to pat was enough to lift them out of their afternoon grumpiness. The chance to watch the birds, throw a few rocks in the water and then get wet themselves made for a great afternoon out. Mum Nelli is an old hand at these sessions, she’d packed towels and snacks so that when they had had enough of the water and were cold and hungry, she was ready to refuel their tired little bodies.

The sunset was sublime, making for more beautifully memories to add to their yearly family album.

kisses with mummy macmasters beach nsw
playing in the lake  cochrone lagoon copacabana
sweet little girl portrait
sunset swims copacabana beach
watching the ducks copacabana

Short n sweet with... Millie, Ella, Nate and Imogen

Central Coast Family Photographer

This is the best present for the grandparents who have everything! Priceless photographs of their beautiful grandchild that they can gush over and show off to all their friends. These cousins were so lovely together, the big kids were patient and kind with the little ones, helping them to climb trees and keeping them safe in the deep parts of the water in the lake. There was so much joy and freedom - I felt very lucky to have spent the afternoon with Millie, Ella, Nate and Imogen. 

central coast family photographer cousins in the tree avoca beach
central coast family photographer tree climbing avoca beach
central coast family photographer holding hands
central coast family photographer swimming in the lake
central coast family photographer running in the lake
central coast family photographer sisters cuddling at the beach

Short n sweet with... the Crumpler Family

Central Coast Family Photographer

There is something about having clients return that makes my heart swell with pride. I had taken photos for Beckie last year when her twins were just babies, so this years Christmas get together was kind of exciting for me. Beckie had braved a late afternoon session so we could get the best light (even though the girls normally go to sleep at this time!). Mother nature certainly put on a show for us, the sunset was perfect and a friendly wallaby captured the attention of the girls. Aiden was an absolute trooper after he came off second best to a metal pole, and even though their was A LOT of blood, he soldiered on through the afternoon. Then poor old Sadie was bitten by an ant (ouch) and both Elsie and Olive ended up with scraped knees. Through it all Beckie and Darren were calm and so beautiful in their approach to their parenting, they went kindly and slowly, with no pressure on the kids. It made for a very relaxed afternoon together. 

Twin girls with mummy and daddy Kincumba Mountain
Family bushwalk central coast family photography
daddy and daughter Kincumber
wallaby watching Kincumba Mountain
Family documentary photography Central Coast

Short n sweet with... the Crawt family

Central Coast Family Photographer

This lovely family went one step further with their Christmas gift for the grandparents - the mums had tried to organise a calendar for grandma and realised there were very few photos of Jye and Finn - because teenage boys avoid having their photo taken at all costs. We kept things fun and simple playing at the lake and the beach, so the older boys were relaxed and the younger boys had freedom. Not only did Lis and Shell organise to have beautiful photographs taken of their lovely children, they included grandma in the session too! I felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time with Jenny, Lis, Shell and all their crew as I know how precious their time together is. Jenny, Shell and the kids flew down from Cairns to have family time together before Christmas. I'm so glad they took time out to capture some photos together, these boys had a gorgeous afternoon at the lake and the beach. 

central coast family photographer mother and sons
central coast family photographer sisters laughing on the beach
central coast family photographer cousins hanging out at the lake
central coast family photographer hanging out with aunty
central coast family photographer running towards grandma
central coast family photographer mother cuddling teenage son
central coast family photographer boys playing in sand dunes