Be in photos for your kids

Central Coast Family Photographer

I was putting together our yearly family photo album last year and I had a bit of a dilemma. There was only ONE photo of me.


And it was a selfie my daughter had taken of the two of us.

Other than that.


Oh dear.

As the mumma, the memory maker and photo taker, I had been so busy taking photos of the kids that I had not bothered to think about being in the images. And now our family album is decidedly lacking one member of the family.

So here’s my commitment for the new year. I will be in at least one image each and every week.

Sometimes I might be brave and share them on social media. Mostly I will probably hide them in the black hole of online storage that is my photo files. But definitely, when it comes to the end of the year, I will have at least 52 images that include me, so that in years to come, when I curl up on the couch with the kids to look at our photo albums, I will be in those photos too.

My children will see the love I have for them, in the way I hold them, in the way I dress them and do their hair, because I will take images of all of these moments with me in the frame.

So here’s a photo of my girl with her dadda - soon I’ll be in these photos too.

cuddles in the hammock copacabana nsw

A little bit longer with... Dionne, Lee, Leni and Xavi

Documentary Family Photography, Central Coast NSW

Buying a block of land to build your dream home. Sounds awesome right? That's exactly what this gorgeous family have done and they had me come round to document this time in their life for them.

With views over the ocean and plenty of open space and natural bush surrounding them, this land is a place for their young family to grow together. The kids were so busy the whole time we were there. Jumping on the trampoline, playing on the swing, rolling down the hill, climbing fences, jumping on rocks and playing hide and seek. Clever mum Dionne had thought ahead and packed a beautiful picnic lunch to fuel these active little bodies. 

I loved hearing all about their plans for the block and their hopes for their future here. Most of all I loved the sense of peace and tranquility that being in nature brings. I'm so excited for these guys who have worked hard to make their dreams a reality. 

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