A little bit longer at... Bell's at Killcare for Stephen's 70th Birthday

Central Coast Family Photographer

Celebrating family milestones is such a beautiful way of bringing the extended family together. Stephen and his family traveled from all around the country to celebrate his 70th birthday at Bell’s at Killcare. The family matriarch, Stephen’s mother, lives on the central coast. Unfortunately she is no longer able to travel great distances, so the family traveled to her for this big birthday bash.

Stephen’s daughter reached out to me to capture family photographs during the celebrations. These guys were great sports - they did a whole bunch of formal family portraits, indoors. They had planned on having plenty of time outside, enjoying the beautiful grounds at Bells to capture their family photos. Unfortunately, on the day of the party the weather was miserable. Cold. Wet. Yucky. They braved a few minutes on the outdoor veranda, before retreating to the warmth inside.

Stephen’s grandson is a talented pianist, however he does not usually perform in public. At his grandfathers request, he performed a rousing set that had toes tapping and big smiles on faces. The younger cousins wanted to join in the fun, but they haven’t quite yet perfected their performance skills.

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Prousty's 60th Birthday Bash

Central Coast Photographer

Prousty has always been a man that does things his own way. In a time when most families were having less children, he was having more - six to be precise. When everyone else was slaving away at their jobs, Prousty was was taking his Missus and the six kids on year long camping holidays around Australia. So 15 months ago when he received a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer with 90% of suffers succumbing to the disease within 3 to 12 months of diagnosis, Prousty was like “Nup!”.

In true Prousty fashion, he said a big F*** You to Darryl (that’s what he named his tumor) and stubbornly refused to give in to this insidious disease. Through surgeries and treatment, Prousty has continued his bush poetry, hosting gigs around the country. He’s there for every cross country and athletics carnival for the grandkids, with his signature whistle letting the little ones know that Grampy is there watching.

And last week he achieved a feat that seemed impossible 15 months ago - Prousty turned the big 60 and earned himself his senior citizens card. His birthday bash was a big affair at his son Luke’s cafe/restaurant The Tame Fox. Prousty had friends there from high school, work and of course touch footy. Friends and family travelled from all over Australia to celebrate with Prousty. Because Prousty lives big and loves fiercely. And he sets a mighty fine example of how good a marriage and family can be.

Happy birthday Prousty.

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Half day with... Tyler and Chase

These little cowboys used to be coasties. Chase and Tyler's family set off for an adventure, travelling around Australia and have not looked back. They are living the life dreams are made of, as they take in all the amazing opportunities this country has on offer. 

They briefly came back to the Central Coast to celebrate their 9th birthday and boy did they do it in style! I have no idea how their mum Hannah was able to make a shindig like this happen when the family was based thousands of kilometres away, but I do know, that none of these kids will be forgetting this awesome party. There was horse riding, a mechanical bucking bronco, whip cracking, can tossing, a jumping castle, a band playing on the flatbed of a truck as well as a spray on tattoo artist. Not only did Hannah get all the big ticket items organised, her attention to detail in the finer points of the party was just beautiful. At the "Watering Hole" the kids drank "moonshine", "cactus juice" and "snake's blood". The cake made by Cakes by Kyla was perfectly matched to the cowboy theme, complete with an oversized belt buckle around the middle and a cowboy on a bucking bronco on top. The little ones loved pulling lollipops off the giant cactus and the big kids were pretty stoked helping themselves to the pop corn machine.

Everyone had a blast at the Wilko's Ranch, it was definitely an unforgettable birthday party.

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