Short n sweet... with newborn baby Louis

Newborn Photographer Central Coast

Newborn Photographer Central Coast

Newborn baby Louis was in a hurry to make his way earth side. This little guy made his way into the world 5 weeks early. He spent a little time in special care nursery, just to make sure everything was ok. I was so pleased to hear that the new special care ward at Gosford Hospital accommodates the parents, so that they can stay with their newborn babies. It is so important in those early days for the new mummy and daddy to be able to spend as much time as possible with their precious newborn.

This little guy still hadn’t reached his due date when we got together for his in home newborn session. And he had so many of those teenie tiny premmie baby features - the little peach fuzz hair covering his body, the skinny little legs, still curled up in froggy pose.

Louis was a little unsettled throughout our session - that just meant lots more cuddle time with mummy and daddy.

newborn baby toes
newborn baby portrait
crying baby
mummy cuddling newborn baby
daddy holding newborn baby
newborn baby cuddles with dad