Tips to prepare for your maternity photography session


A maternity photography session is a little bit special. It is chance to acknowledge the amazing changes a woman’s body has gone through in growing a new little life. Whether this is your 1st baby, or your 4th, the weeks leading up to bub’s arrival are filled with anticipation. Here’s a few tips to help you prepare for your maternity photography session…


1. location is everything

You want to feel relaxed and confident during your maternity session. So it’s important to carefully consider where you would like the session to occur. If you are a little shy about exposing your bump, doing the session in your home is a great option to keep things personal and private. In home sessions means we don’t have to worry about the weather and your session can be held any time during daylight hours. In home sessions also means you can include the baby’s nursery, your pets and everyday routines.

If you feel confident getting that gorgeous bump out (and you totally should!) let’s go hit the beach or a nice national park for your session. Outdoor sessions allow us to get the beautiful natural light during sunrise or sunset, with lots of different backgrounds.

Make sure that wherever you choose to go, you choose somewhere that is meaningful to you and your family. If you want the best of both worlds, book a longer session and we can have time at your home as well as another location.

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2. the outfit is important

Feeling confident in front of the camera is easier if you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and which you can move around in easily. Your location will have an impact on your outfit. A cute kimono with your bump out will look natural at home in your bedroom. Soft, flowing dresses are always a winner, whether indoors or out.

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3. bump out (or not)

Some mums to be don’t like exposing their bump. That’s totally fine. Stretch marks and previous c-scars can make the best of us feel uncomfortable. Personally I love seeing the bump exposed and being able to capture priceless images of pregnancy. I feel it is so empowering to celebrate the female body in all it’s forms. If you’re keen to get those gorgeous bump out images, its important to consider your bra and undies. If you’re having your session at the beach, a bikini will do the trick. Other wise opt for neutral coloured bras and undies - white, black, or cream coloured - keeps the look simple and elegant.

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4. Include your loved ones

Your partner and older children definitely should be part of your session, and I’m a big believer in including fur babies too.

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5. Timing is everything

The best time during your pregnancy to hold a maternity photography session is weeks 32-36. This gives you a little bit of breathing room in case bub makes an early arrival. If you’re expecting twins, the session should be held between 26-32 weeks as these little ones have a habit of arriving early. By holding your session during this time, you will have that classic baby bump silhouette and avoid the tired and worn out feeling that comes at the end of your pregnancy (or cankles!).

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So that’s my top tips on preparing for a maternity photography session. If you’d like to book in or have any questions click the button below.

A little bit longer... with Alexandra, Jeremy and Jack

Maternity photographer central coast

Alex and Jeremy were a little nervous when they booked in for their maternity photography session. They claimed they weren’t really photo session types and were awkward in photos. Fortunately for me they had been referred to be me by one of their good friends - so they already knew my approach was pretty relaxed. I told them what I tell all nervous families - if you feel awkward just reach out to whoever is close to you and interact with them… cuddle with your child, hold your partner’s hand, engage in conversation and just deflect your attention away from the camera and towards one of your loved ones.

And these guys nailed it. Their gallery of images was so full of love because in each and every image they were giving their full attention to each other.

Their six year old son Jack was such a typical little boy - so full of joy and energy and great ideas. Jack wasn’t keen on posing, which is how I like it, but he LOVED chatting away while snuggling up with his family. Because Jack was relaxed and happy cuddled up with his parents, I was able to capture tons of gorgeous images of this beautiful family.

As they had booked in for a longer maternity session we were able to go to different locations to get a variety of beautiful images. We had a cruisy afternoon on their deck as they lazed around in the day bed, enjoying the sea breeze on a hot summer’s afternoon. Alex is super resourceful and had managed to get this day bed made to her specifications - at a fraction of the retail cost.

Their bedroom had beautiful light so we were able to get some gorgeous baby bump photos in there. Once the heat of the day had passed we headed down to the lake where this super mum jumped on her SUP for a paddle around the lake. Jack was able to run amok in the shallows and swim in the warm water.

I am so looking forward to spending more time with this super cool family when their new baby arrives soon.

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Short n sweet... Rach's maternity session

Central Coast Documentary Maternity Photography

Rach and the kids were tucked up inside when I came round on this miserable winter's day. There was a howling southerly blowing and the wind was like ice, so her warm fireplace was a welcome relief from the wild weather outside.

The kids started quietly, colouring in and following mum around the house. They soon enough warmed up to me (and the camera!) and the usual chaos that follows three siblings under six ensued. They fought for mummy's attention, clambering over each other to get closer to her, wanting to love her and feel her love in return. Rach has the most beautiful nature. She is so calm and relaxed, she had time and so much love to give to each of her sweet children. I loved watching how the sibling birth order affects their interactions. Isla is very much the first born - responsible, calm, maintaining order. Nellie is the wild second child - vying to be the centre of attention and leaving havoc in her wake. Theo was such a typical little mummies boy - happy to be wherever mum was. And tucked up on mummy's warm bed was a great place to hang out on this cold winter's day.

Documentary photography sessions like this allows the kids to wander in and out as they please, no posing or forcing anyone to be in a photo, embracing the beauty and imperfections of small people constantly on the move.  

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Short n sweet... Jo's maternity session

Central Coast Documentary Maternity Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing Jo's amazing baby gender reveal last year (if you missed it, you totally need to head over here to check it out!) so I was very much looking forward to catching up with Jo and her awesome family again. Even though she was late in her pregnancy Jo was up for an adventure so we headed off on a bushwalk to a secluded creek for our session. Jo had brought along this beautiful lace maternity dress for the session and even though posing is not part of my regular bag of tricks, Jo and Mat definitely rocked their poses for this baby bump session. Big brother Jack loved exploring along the creek and had a great time playing peek-a-boo in mummy's maternity dress. Jo and Mat are so chilled, they let their little man do his thing in the water and luckily Jo had come prepared with spare clothes for Jack as he was very wet by the end of the session. I can’t wait to see Jo, Mat and Jack again once bub arrives for their newborn session.

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Short n sweet... with the Smith family

Central Coast Documentary Maternity Photographer

The anticipation of waiting for the new arrival in the family is so complicated. There's the excitement of a new little human to join your clan, to love and be adored. The worry of the chaos and unpredictability of newborns sleeping and feeding habits and will bubs older siblings welcome their new playmate? Kiz is unflappable. This mumma takes it all in her stride knowing that everything will work out in the end. For her maternity session she was more than happy to just be in the moment with her busy little family, letting the kids wander in the rockpools and swim in the ocean. Bliss.

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