Short n sweet with... newborn baby George

Newborn Baby Photographer Sydney

There’s just something about a newborn baby with a gorgeous full head of dark hair that just makes you want to sit and play with their fluffy, wispy hair all day long. Dear little George has himself the most endearing Alfalfa hair - sticking up on end and making him all the more cuter for it. This little guy was so alert, he watched everything that was happening, just soaking it all in. Not only that, he was super strong, we kept laughing as he threw his head around, pushing off his daddy’s chest and rearranging himself to get a better view of what was going on. Then there was the talking. George kept up the cutest baby talk the whole time I was there. I reckon this is one seriously intelligent child that Aimee and Con have on their hands.

Aimee and Con have worked long and hard to get into their dream home, a mission that was three years in the making. Travelling to Sydney to do their in home newborn session was a no-brainer for me. It was beautiful to spend time with them in their amazing home.

Spencer the dog was on guard the whole time - he was quick to bark at anyone or anything he thought was a threat to his little family. Spencer stayed close by George throughout the session, keeping a watchful eye on me and my camera. George wasn’t bothered at all, he was relaxed and chilled the whole time.

Con obviously adores his son. He was attentive and hands on, talking constantly to his little man. Con has more than happily offered to be a stay at home dad, but Aimee is pretty happy in her role as mum and is no hurry to hand over the stay at home role to Con. Aimee was so relaxed with her baby boy, talking gently and reassuringly throughout the time I was there. This beautiful family were so content together - it was a special time for me to witness and document for them.

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