A little bit longer.... with the Smith family

Central Coast Family Photographer

The house was very quiet when I arrived for an early morning session at the Smith household. Only mum was awake. Dad and the kids were still snuggled up in bed fast asleep. This was excellent as it allowed me to capture images of the kids as they gently woke up for the day. Ashton was all about cuddling with mum, staying in her arms as she prepared his bottle and not leaving her side for the first hour. 

Toddler snuggling with mum

Tahlia was very pleased with herself when she woke up. She had stayed in bed until her 'sun clock' let her know it was ok to get up, earning herself another sticker on her chart. 

Rewards stickers on star chart

Soon enough the kids were ready to venture outdoors to feed the chooks.

Family walking in back yard
Toddler laughing at rooster on henhouse

Followed by the obligatory picnic in the cubby house. 

Kids playing in cubbyhouse
father and son picnic in cubby house

A relaxed morning at home, going about their everyday routine, made for a very cruisy session with the Smith family.

toddler trying to climb onto trampoline
little girl laughing on swing