So what is documentary photography?

Central Coast Documentary Photographer

I'm all about keeping it real. Real people, real emotions, real interactions. That's why I LOVE documentary photography. Documentary photography is an accurate and straightforward representation of people, places and things. It is about honouring the simplicity of day to day routines, capturing the real you and your family. It is allows your family the freedom to be who you are. Grubby faces, wild hair and messy bedrooms are more than welcome in documentary sessions.

Kids sucking on lolly pops

Documentary photography is about being true to the moment. As the photographer I will not manipulate any scene, I’ll leave the lighting as is, leave the people as they are and simply capture what is unfolding before me. That's not to say I'll be a fly on the wall. I'll be chatting away, take a photo every now and then, chat some more. It's like hanging out with an old friend. Comfortable and effortless. I won’t be asking you move to here/move there/tilt your head/move your hand. I won't be airbrushing wrinkles in the edits, or photoshopping fly away hairs. There is no need for a false sense of perfection, you are enough just as you are.

Messy kids painting

Documentary photography is about your family feeling at home during the session, whether that is literally or figuratively.  Literally this may mean capturing the chaos of the morning rush to get out the door in time for school or work with piles of clean laundry scattered over the lounge waiting to be put away. Figuratively it may be your family's ‘happy place’ be that the beach, in the bush, rugby games or camping. Your session should happen wherever it is that everyone in the family feels relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings.

Kids running through lake with dog

The session should be allowed to evolve naturally. Whatever is your usual routine is perfect. There is no such thing as a boring family. Over scheduling a series of ‘fun’ activities to try to stimulate responses from the kids isn’t necessary. It is everyday activities, like eating brekkie or brushing their teeth, that illicit the most honest emotions.

father and son colouring in

Your home should reflect who you are. Some homes I walk into are beautifully maintained where everything has its place. Other homes are more like mine embracing the chaos of life with little ones with toys and clothes scattered everywhere. Some families move quietly about their day, others are loud and boisterous. It’s all ok. I'm not about judging people. I am honoured that you have allowed me to spend time with your family. I want to see the real you.

crazy toothbrushing with kids

When you look back on these albums in years to come they will evoke a strong sense of nostalgia "Oh remember how he always dragged that blankie around in the mornings?", “She was forever dressing up and putting on concerts”, "We used to love going down to Putty Beach for a BBQ". It will be these images that truthfully reflect your life in this moment. All because you have allowed me to authentically document your everyday. Because everyday is awesome.