A half day in the life... with the Ashcroft clan

Central Coast Documentary Family Photography

This session was a little bit special. Tash had originally booked me in to document her mother-in-law Carmen's 60th birthday party. Unfortunately only days before her birthday, Carmen's husband Greg was hospitalised and all party plans were put on hold. Fast forward a few months and a healthy Greg and part of the extended family gathered at their holiday house in Copa for a relaxed afternoon together.

I felt so honoured to be able document this family during this time in their life. Their holiday house had been lovingly renovated to accommodate the three generations of the family. They made time for handball in the kitchen, bird feeding in the back yard, a hunt along the passionfruit vine and drinks on the back deck. The adults were relaxed and allowed the kids to space to have their own fun, but they were also willing and happy to join in when the kids wanted to include them. 

It was beautiful to watch the ways in which the kids interacted with the adults. Parker invited attention through play - he was into handball, footy, bodyboarding. He was active and he engaged the adults through his games and activities. Nina was so tactile, often reaching out and touching an adult lovingly as she went by. There was lots of cuddles and snuggles for this sweet girl. 

A lazy Sunday afternoon in the holiday house, a relaxed walk to the beach and a splash in the rockpool to finish things off, spending four hours with this loving family allowed me to really capture who they are at this moment in their lives.

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