I love your style! HOw Do I book in with you?

Awww yay!!! I’m stoked you want to book in. Head over to my contact page where you can shoot me an email. From there we can work out dates and a location. Once we’ve got that sorted, I’ll send you through a contract with payment details for your session fee. Your session will only be locked in when you have returned the contract and paid the session fee.

I’ll then send through a questionnaire - this part is SO important! Through the questionnaire I get the chance to know your family, to find out what makes you, YOU. By having an insight to what makes your family unique, I get the opportunity to photograph images that are meaningful to you. Your son still likes to carry around his favourite blankie when he’s feeling sooky? I want to know that. Your daughter is obsessed with beanie boos? Tell me so I can capture it. The last thing we want is boring old generic photos. The more details you give me about what makes your family tick, the more authentic your photography session will be.

Locations - at home, or at the beach…. maybe the lake???

This is a big decision. Personally, I love in home sessions. It means you don’t have to stress about getting everyone out of the house. It means the kids will feel more relaxed as they will be confident in their own home. We will have plenty of options for photo locations within your home - reading together on the bed, playing in the kids rooms, snuggles on the couch. Being able to capture all the little things that make up your home is part of your story... the kids artwork hanging on the walls, the collection of lego on the floor… it’s these little memories we will miss in 20 years when the kids have left home. Don’t stress if your house doesn’t look like something from Home Beautiful, mine doesn’t either. All you need to do is make your bed, get the laundry off the couch and open up the blinds and curtains - natural light is my best friend. Too easy.

In saying all that, I do love me a beautiful sunset at the beach session. The colours are just divine. The kids can run wild. The golden light makes everything seem magical. I’m all for an outdoor session. Pack towels, pack cossies. You can almost guarantee someone is going to get wet. I’m all for it! It’s important to remember, these sessions can only happen in the hour around sunset.

If you’ve got somewhere that is meaningful to you that you think would make for a great session, let me know! I’m open to new ideas. You can head over here to read a blog post I wrote about choosing your outdoor photography session location.

What should we wear?

The question that plagues every mother - what do we wear?! Honest answer? I don’t really care. I just want you and your family to feel relaxed and comfortable. If that means little Suzy is in her best Elsa outfit. Cool. Let it go. Little Johnny currently lives in gumboots? Rock on kiddo. However, for you mumma bear - I get it. You are making an investment to capture these memories, you want your crew to go a little effort. Here’s my biggies…

Logos on t-shirts? No. They are super distracting - save the Rip Curl t-shirts or Transformers tees for another day.

Complimentary colours? Yes. Find a colour palette you like and build on it. Often it’s easiest to start with mum’s outfit (because honestly, you’re the one that’s going to most effort, am I right?) and get everyone else to follow your lead.

Matchy matchy? NO! If you all turn up in jeans and white button down shirts I may whack you over the head with my camera bag.

Here’s the thing. My photography style is super laid back. If you feel like you need to get your hair and make up done professionally before our session - we might not be the right fit. If we’re hanging at the beach for a session and you’re dressed up like you’re heading to a cocktail party, there’s going to be a disconnect. Be true to you and the environment you are in. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, relaxed and comfortable.

Here’s a blog post that goes into a little more detail about what to wear to your photography session.

What happens during a photography session?

Good question! It’s actually super relaxed. Kind of like hanging out with an old friend. Effortless. We’ll chat, you’ll interact with your kids, you’ll play games, snuggle, read books, go for a walk. I’m not a fly on the wall. I’ll be there interacting with your family. I know some people feel awkward in front of the camera. You might be worried about about posing and getting your best angle. Don’t. Don’t worry at all. Because when you look back on these photographs, you will be looking at how your little one gazes into your eyes full of love and wonder, at how their little hands are in daddies big hands. The more you interact and engage with your kids the more comfortable you will be. I’ll be capturing beautifully emotive connections when you are relaxed and in the moment with your loved ones.

What about the weather?

Oh the weather. I know. Not something we can control. But we can make the most of it. A cloudy day makes for amazing colours at sunset. Even a little light rainfall can be beautiful in photographs. And I freaking LOVE wind. A windy day makes everything move in gorgeous ways - especially long hair. Happy sigh. But if it’s raining cats and dogs it’s better that we reschedule. I’ll stay in contact with you via text in the 24 hours leading up to your session. If the weather is looking dodgy, I’ll make the call to reschedule. I do ask that you trust my call if I recommend we go ahead - we can make magic happen when it’s wild outside.

What if someone is sick?

Boo. Nobody likes being sick. If someone is sick, we’ll have to reschedule. Whether it’s your family, or me, if one of us is ill, we’ll save our photography fun for another day.

What if the baby is unsettled?

Oh man. I remember those newborn days. Sometimes they sleep like a little angel for hours on end. Well, apparently some babies do, my kids never slept longer than 40 minutes, little devils. Mostly it feels like they just feed for hours on end. Because I come to your home for your newborn session, it’s really easy, I’m totally led by the baby. If bub wants to be held for the entire session. Beautiful. We can get lots of snuggling images. Baby needs a feed? I adore capturing these special moments together. Don’t feel like there’s any pressure to do things a certain way. If I turn up and you’re still trying to eat brekkie and clean spew off the carpet (true story!), I’ll just go quietly around you as you get ready. If you are calm and relaxed, baby will be too.

What if the kids misbehave?

Don’t worry. I’ve seen a tanty or two in my time. I’ve got little ones, I know these things happen. I’ve been a high school teacher for over 15 years, so I respect that kids need a chance to get to know me so they can trust me. As a rule, I don’t get too many meltdowns during my sessions. This is because my photography sessions are relaxed and unposed, so we can let the kids take the lead. When we engage with our kids, by talking to them, cuddling them, showing them interesting things in our environment, our kids feel safe and loved. If you feel confident and relaxed during the session, your kids will pick up on your vibes and follow your lead.

Can I bring the extended family?

Ah, no, sorry. My sessions are for immediate family members only. Our time together is precious. To really be able to capture the authentic connection between your family, I like to keep the numbers down. If you want to organise an extended family session with the grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins we will need LOTS more time together. We can totally do this - but you need to book in for a loooong session.

What happens after the session?

You’ll be desperate to see your images. I know. I’ll do my best to get a sneak peek up for you on social media within a week. About 4-6 weeks after your session, I’ll send you an email with a link to your gallery. In your gallery you will have access to images for you to purchase and download immediately. The images are high resolution and ready for printing.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, of course! This is the perfect gift for those that already have everything they need - a photography session with their loved ones. Just drop me an email and I’ll get you organised.

Do you travel for work?

Why yes, I do! Any locations on the lower Central Coast are covered in my session fee. Travel to Sydney or Newcastle incurs a small fee. I’m happy to travel further afield too. If it requires an overnight stay, I ask that you cover my accommodation and airfares.