Short n sweet... with the Broadhurst family

Central Coast Family Photographer

Talk about making the most of a rough day. It had been raining all day, after it had already been raining all week. It was blowing a gale on the southern side of the headland where we were supposed to be meeting. Their toddler Hamilton hadn’t had his day time nap. It was obvious Kate and Travis were questioning the viability of this session being a success. Lucky for me, Kate and Travis trusted my decision to go ahead with the session and they came on out ready to give it a go. They were all rugged up in their winter woollies, the kids had their gumboots and beach toys ready. 

We took shelter on the beach on the northern side of the headland and the boys were allowed to go free range. Diggers, dumpers, sandcastles, kicking a ball, whatever took their fancy was fine. Greyson ran wild with mum, kicking the ball and rumbling together. Hamilton took it quietly with daddy and then did his best to keep up with his big brother.

I'm so glad Kate and Travis braved the foul weather because it made for a beautiful back drop for this lovely family's photos.

Holding hands going to the beach
Throwing ball at sandcastles
running to hug mum
Kisses for daddy
Tickles with mummy at the beach
Cuddles with mum watching the waves
Father and son holding hands watching the waves