Short n sweet with... baby Hunter

Central Coast Newborn Photographer

Ahhh... the beautiful chaos that is caused by the arrival of one tiny human. These sweet, helpless little beings totally and utterly consume all of our time and energy. We had a tricky start to our session, with Sarah and I trying to negotiate the best time for a settled baby while making sure his daddy would be home from work, but we got there in the end. When I arrived at Sarah and Brendons home, life inside was the happy bedlam that heralds the arrival of a new baby. Sarah and Brendon were both trying to get organised after a shower and all baby Hunter wanted was a feed. These guys were seriously proud parents, absolutely doting on their sweet baby boy. They had so many meaningful gifts from friends and family, who lived far and wide. My favourite was the hand knitted jumper and beanie Brendons mum had sent over from New Zealand. This little guy has lots of love being sent his way from all over the world.

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Newborn baby boy Macmasters Beach Central Coast

Newborn baby boy Macmasters Beach Central Coast

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Mother and son newborn photographer central coast
Father and son newborn photography central coast